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Home Theater


The whole point of a home theater is that people will be able to watch something. This is where the DVD player, Blu-Ray disc, and media servers retain their place as must-haves. Gaming is no longer for the kids playroom.  With intense graphics and and sound output, the home theater becomes the perfect venue for these devices. And don't forget the TV signal, which most often comes from satellite dishes or through digital cable. Satellite is becoming more popular because they carry a lot more high-definition broadcasts. You may even have both satellite and cable.

Those are the basics that turn a regular room into a spectacular media room or home theater, but what about the bells and whistles? To get the media experience you really want, let us suggest these popular items:

Even a simple design can prove very entertaining.  This room will comfortably seat six to eight adults.  Plus it makes a great sports-watching room.

Media servers (often simply a powerful PC) allow users to store multiple entertainment formats (video, audio, photographs, etc.) and enjoy them through their television, computer or stereo system.

Digital video recorders (such as TiVo) allow for easier recording of television programs and storing them on a hard drive--no tapes, CDs or DVDs.

Increasing in demand in the modern media is the gaming devices such as X-Box 360, Nintendo's Wii, and Sony's PlayStation 3.

Seamless integration of the electronics into the design of the room by placing components behind a wall or cabinet with hidden access and placing speakers in the ceiling or wall provides a clean, sleek look to the home theater..

Some pretty spectacular seating is available, such as recliners with massage and heat that are styled after true theater seats (only more plush). There are also specialized home theater seats with speakers and subwoofers hidden within.




This dedicated media room has a simple design with  terraced seating and beautiful sconce lighting.


This client's media room features indirect lighting and a gorgeous star ceiling design.  A classic film-reel theme is carried through the room with wall paper border.  The aesthetic highlight is the projector encasement of a giant film-reel.